What we do

Recycling & service work (LDPE, HDPE, PP,PS)
Shredding, granulation & compounding.

Waste management consultancy
Free site visits & quotes including all plastics, polythene, paper & cardboard.

Closed loop recycling (clean polythene scrap)
Full audit trails from scrap back to end product.

Commingled waste separation
Mixed plastic bottles, glass & cans.

Mixed rigid plastics
Buckets, tubs, drums, crates, PVC window frames (no glass) etc.

Trading & exporting
Exporting can be a more ethical and profitable alternative to landfill for contaminated material.

Recyling can actually make your company money


Norpol have been trading and recycling polythene for over 20 years and operate one of the largest independent waste management and plastic and polythene recycling facilities in England covering the whole of the UK.

It is Norpol's policy to divert the maximum amount of waste away from landfill and to recycle as much as possible. We are also commercial waste management consultants and offer professional advice as well as a collection service for almost all dry recyclable waste streams.

Recycle to help the planet

As a fully accredited Environment Agency approved recycling facility, we are authorised to issue PRN certificates to help and support customers meet their EU recycling obligations to Packaging Producer Responsibility and Packaging Waste Regulations 2007. We are also authorised to issue PERN's (Packaging Export Recovery Notes).

All recycled plastics are sold to manufacturers in the UK. Norpol supports closed loop recycling and full audit trails can be provided. Retaining more materials in the UK helps to create jobs and also reduce the carbon footprint.

Norpol are based in Burnley, Lancashire but serve businesses across the country by offering a very competetive pricing structure as well as a first class service and prompt payments. Give us a call and see if we can work with you to our mutual benefit.