What we do

Recycling & service work (LDPE, HDPE, PP,PS)
Shredding, granulation & compounding.

Waste management consultancy
Free site visits & quotes including all plastics, polythene, paper & cardboard.

Closed loop recycling (clean polythene scrap)
Full audit trails from scrap back to end product.

Commingled waste separation
Mixed plastic bottles, glass & cans.

Mixed rigid plastics
Buckets, tubs, drums, crates, PVC window frames (no glass) etc.

Trading & exporting
Exporting can be a more ethical and profitable alternative to landfill for contaminated material.

We can help you help the environment

About us

Norpol have been trading in polythene and plastics recycling since the 1980's. The plastics reprocessing and compounding factory was set up in the early nineties and that remains our specialist field today. We offer granulation and compounding service work to the whole plastics industry at competitive rates with a short turn round period and excellent service. Our own fleet of vehicles covers the whole of the UK.

Commingled Waste Recycling

The recycling industry is constantly changing. Norpol recognise this and continue to reinvest in innovation and new state of the art machinery in order to stay ahead of the field and to meet customers' needs. The site has also been extended, covering around five acres now. In addition to recycling scrap polythene, we have always traded on the global markets. We are now also set up to take in other materials and offer a waste management service for all dry recyclables such as PVC window frames, car bumpers, crates and other rigid plastics as well as cardboard, paper and commingled waste (plastic bottles, glass and cans). We have invested heavily in shredding and grinding facilities as well as a new sorting and separation facility for commingled waste. We currently work closely with local councils and take in waste from kerbside collection. With our newly increased capacity, we are now looking to extend our council recycling contracts to additional areas.

Norpol is a thriving and ambitious business whose driving force is to develop strong and long lasting business relations through honest hard work, consistent high standards of service and quality and prompt payments. For the last 20 years and throughout the recent recession Norpol have proven to be one of the most reliable and financially stable businesses in the industry.