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Packaging Waste Regulations 2007
We can help you to comply with all the necessary regulations.

Environent Agency Accredited
Fully accredited reprocessor.

Prevent financial waste
Not only comply with regulations but also save your business money!

Packaging Recovery Notes
We are authorised to issue PRN's and PERN's to offset your business waste.

Recycling is now a legal requirement

Packaging compliance

The Packaging Waste Regulations 2007 dictate that companies who turn over more than 2m a year and supply or import in excess of 50 tonnes of packaging per annum are legally obligated to register and recycle a percentage of their packaging waste. Norpol can provide support and advice to customers to help them fulfil their obligation. Businesses must declare the weight of packaging used in the previous year and purchase the correct number of PRN's in order to comply. As an Environment Agency accredited re-processor, Norpol are polymer recyclers who are authorised to issue PRN's and PERN's (Packaging Export Recovery Notes) and welcome the opportunity to provide support and assistancee to customers with this.

Waste packaging material collection